Diversity Training

Making Changes · Preventing Lawsuits · Increasing Productivity

Nobody gets it perfect! We get it right!
We protect you from lawsuits.
We help you achieve your goals!

We, CCODE, do the best diversity training there is.

We are dynamic and interactive, multiracial, multigender, multiethnic and passionate about the work we do.

Mere tolerance is not acceptable!
We are your solution and your prevention plan.

SUMMER 2020: New from Dr. Rabow!

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CCODE facilitators have worked together for over ten years doing diversity training in the public and private sector, as well as high schools, colleges and universities.
We select a team customized to your personnel.
Visit our WHO page to learn more about our players.

Diversity Training team from CCODE


CCODE changes your workplace into one that is more comfortable and supportive.
CCODE increases:
· Acceptance of difference
· Morale
· Productivity
· Commitment
CCODE prevents & reduces:
· Prejudice
· Absenteeism
· Premature departure
· Need for extra training