Diversity Training at CCODE: The Center for the Celebration Of Diversity through Education provides training and resources to organizations and companies in the greater Los Angeles and Southern California region.

Racial, ethnic, gender, class, and religious differences divide Americans. Differences in perception and evaluation are held by individuals that work side by side in government, school systems, workplaces and the media. Unacknowledged differences create dysfunction.

CCODE, The Center for the Celebration Of Diversity through Education, addresses differences contributing to:

  • misunderstanding
  • apathy
  • judgments
  • righteousness
  • poor morale
  • hostility
  • low self-esteem
  • high turnover

The failure to understand those that we work with:

  • prevents us from being more fulfilled
  • prevents us from being productive and motivated employees
  • prevents us from participating eagerly in our collective futures

We are continually confronted with differences.

CCODE identifies how differences influence work and productivity and addresses how they can be resolved.

CCODE makes clear what each person looses by holding on to views and perceptions of others that make the other seem less.

Participants who complete our training will:

  • recognize that diversity is in everyone’s best interest, as well as the overall interest of the organization.
  • learn how to confront the “isms” that are part of their lives.
  • leave with concrete, usable ideas of how respect and appreciation of differences can be put into practice.
  • walk away with a CODE of ethics.

This training helps organizations reach their goals efficiently and effectively.

Educators, teachers and enlightened businesses should pursue diversity and contact CCODE  310.825.4424 to discuss a custom proposal for your organization.