RACISM: From Pain to Hope? — Dr. Daniel Sadigh Interviews Dr. Jerome Rabow on BlogTalkRadio

RACISM: From Pain to Hope? — Dr. Daniel Sadigh Interviews Dr. Jerome Rabow on BlogTalkRadio

RACISM: From Pain to Hope?At 9pm on Thursday August 25, listen to Dr. Daniel Sadigh interview Dr. Jerome Rabow on BlogTalkRadio on the subject “RACISM: From Pain to Hope?”. Call-in number to speak with the host during the show: (909) 533-8385. Click here to listen.

Have you ever been subjected to discrimination? Did you ever judge someone because of his/her race or ethnicity? The chances are that regardless of your racial, sexual or religious identity, you have been both discriminated against and also in position of discriminating against others. In a world of inequities and increasing financial distance among nations, can we claim that racism does not exist?

Our college campuses are filled with stories of racism and our communities are painted by the brush of discrimination. Join in and learn about the different dynamics of racism as Dr. Sadigh and his guest, Dr. Jerome Rabow, will examine cultural stereotyping, race relations, and other diversity issues. Dr. Rabow’s “Voices of Pain and Voices of Hope” published by Kendall Hunt and its third edition is a brilliant window to today’s unfair practices of shaming, degrading, and devaluing.

About My Guest: Dr. Jerome Rabow received his Ph.D in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He started teaching at UCLA in 1965 in the Sociology Dept. where he is a Professor Emeritus and continues to teach in the Honors College. He has also been a lecturer in Sociology at CSUN for nine years. Dr. Rabow is the co-author of the popular Tutoring Matters (Everything you always wanted to know about tutoring) published by Temple University Press. He is a Licensed MFT for 35 years and practices at Encino and Century City. Dr. Rabow is the President and Founder of CCODE (The Center for the Celebration of Diversity through Education), a diversity training organization working in the private and public sectors.

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