Jerome Rabow

Professor Rabow has been a professor in the Sociology Department at UCLA for over thirty years and has taught mainly in the areas of Race, Education and Social Psychology.

Jerome Rabow

Jerome Rabow, PhD.

His interest in diversity education was stimulated by hearing how his students were frustrated with a campus atmosphere which made them feel more mistrust towards groups other than their own at the end of their four-year college career than when they had started. This knowledge led him to a new kind of teaching and educational endeavor. He became a trained facilitator of racial dialogue, began reading about how to help people learn about their “isms”. He requires his students to go into schools where they are different from the students they tutored. Their experiences resulted in his book, Tutoring Matters: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About How to Tutor (with Chin & Fahimian) Temple University Press, 1999.

Other titles include:

  • A book about what it is like to grow up in America as a person of color and as a white person: Voices of Pain & Voices of Hope: Students Speak About Racism, Kendall Hunt, 2002.
  • His 2016 memoir, Passing the Butter and Picking Up the Penny, is aimed at people who wish to enhance their lives and for people who feel stuck. It is not a conventional “how to” book, but rather a”how you can” book: how you can learn from your failures, improve your family relationships, your relationships with your intimates, and deepen your relationship to your self.  It is for the elderly who may not realize there can be a good life ahead.  It is for professors who want to change how they teach or how they respond to their students.  It is for those who dwell on their failures and cannot look afresh and unearth new possibilities.

       Passing the Butter and Picking Up the Penny - Dr. Jerome Rabow

His classes are enormously popular, and he began branching out by doing diversity training with groups in religious communities, and the public and private sectors.

Dr. Rabow started CCODE with Erron Brumfield after they realized how much they liked working together and how much this had to offer each other and their clients. While he has been a professor and a psychotherapist for most of his adult years, Dr. Rabow considers this work the most important and most satisfying work of his life.

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