Contact CCODE to learn why your company or organization must consider diversity training. The ROI is clear. Progressive companies benefit. Risk-averse companies benefit.

Why we do it:discrimination-lawsuit-losers

 For Risk-Averse Companies:



Your organization may be subject to the same experiences that Coca-Cola, The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Starbucks, Abercrombie and Fitch, Cracker Barrell and The Vanguard Group have had. Read Avoiding Corporate Risk: Discrimination Lawsuit Losers

Reacting to a lawsuit is far more expensive than preventing litigation with all its negative financial, productivity and public relations consequences.  Expert diversity training is your organization’s “ounce of prevention”.


For Progressive, Proactive Companies and Organizations:


CCODE is not only interested in creating a desirable workplace where employees are energized and enthusiastic, but we are concerned with your bottom line. CCODE diversity training will reduce:



Diversity doesn’t happen. Even though people of different races, ethnicities and gender work side-by-side, appreciation does not occur automatically.  CCODE goes beyond the demographic diversity that many organizations already have.  At CCODE we teach what it takes to increase deep respect and appreciation for difference.


In sum, CCODE will help your organization improve:

Employee Morale

CCODE targets improving your organization’s ROI and reduces risk of litigation in the increasingly sensitive areas of:

Race & ethnicity.Sexual orientation.Gender discrimination